Debut Author: Gioconda Lyss

From Christina: Today I’d like to welcome a debut author whose first novella was recently released. Gioconda has an inspiring message for anyone who’s ever wanted to write.     🙂    


 My name is Gioconda Lyss and my erotic romance novella “Heaven on Earth” just came out at the end of September from Secret Cravings Publishing. I want to thank Christina for having me as a guest on her blog.

Today I would like to talk about fear. Why fear?

I believe that fear is the root cause for suffering in the world, and the one thing that stops people from going after their dreams and fulfilling their potential. I have had my battles with fear throughout the years, and only recently won. Despite being afraid of any conceivable negative outcome, I did write a book, and saw it published.

When I tell people that I am a writer of erotic romance I usually get one of these three reactions:

1. I always wanted to write, but…
2. What does your family think of you writing such (erotic) stores…and/or
3. Do you make any money with it?

At the base of all these questions always rests a layer of fear. From all art forms, writing is the one form of expression that many of us want to pursue. I believe that we, humans, as species, are naturally curious, and in love with stories; love to tell them and to listen to them. But if we all love stories so much and we all believe that we have a story in us that wants to be told, then why aren’t more of us doing it? Why don’t we write that story that burns inside us? (see #1)

I believe it is fear.

Fear comes in many forms: fear of failure, fear of success (which can co-exist simultaneously, by the way, they’re good friends), fear of not being good enough at telling stories (this goes back to the English teacher who told you that grammar wasn’t your strong suit), and fear that people might judge our character by what we are writing (see #2). This is particularly true if you, like me, write erotic romance.

The #3 fear is the one that stops people from writing (as a job) all the time. Can one make enough money to live by doing something that they love? There are a few successful names out there that everybody has heard of (J.K. Rowling, for instance, who at some point was richer than the Queen of England) but obviously, not everybody will enjoy that kind of success. Most people think that they will finally write when the children are in college, or when they retire from the job that they really hate, or when times will be better. They always reserve the pleasure of writing for a future time, but the truth is that all we have is this present time and there is no better time than the present to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and get the story out.

It took me a long time to get past all my fears (about five years, in fact) and really go after my dream. I decided that life was too short not to go after what I really wanted to do and I gave my all to my dream. I learned that when you do it, when you actually start writing and not listen to the small, nagging voices at the back of your mind, the little fears start to disappear and are replaced by an awesome, awesome feeling of accomplishment. So my advice to you, if you ever considered writing a book, in any genre, is to just do it. Do it because you have always wanted to, do it regardless of what anyone might think of you, say or do, do it regardless of how much money you might make with your book. There is a force in the Universe which, when you step into doing what you were meant to do, opens up the way for you and gives you all you need to make your dream become a reality. Just like it did with me.

Happy Writing!

Gioconda Lyss was born and raised in Romania. She now lives in Nevada with her husband, two wonderful children, and the world’s most spoiled cat and dog. Her debut novella, Heaven on Earth, is now available at Amazon and also through the publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing. You can find her on the web at Romancing the Word.

16 thoughts on “Debut Author: Gioconda Lyss

  1. Wow, what an amazing post thank you Gioconda. I must admit my biggest fear is people’s reactions. A woman at work said to me, “You write don’t you?” I replied, “yes,” and she broke out giggling being nasty, getting the impression she thought writing was for nerds. I sensed her nastiness and said back. “I’m world wide, what are you?” she looked at me and stopped giggling.

  2. Gioconda, I want to thank you again for your inspiring post. I’m happy to share it with my blog’s readers, and I hope you’ll be my guest here again in the future. I’m wishing you much success with “Heaven on Earth”.

  3. Go for it. – Just do it.
    As Miss Gioconda stated, fear has many faces. Many times I’ve questioned myself on how others will accept my “twisted” ideas. If my work would ever be published, or if I’ll be able to make a living by doing what I love; all that is true, it only takes one step. One single decision to JUST DO IT.
    Miss Gioconda is an inspiration to, JUST GO FOR IT. Though fear might never dissolve, JUST GO FOR IT. I love this post, highly motivational.

  4. I know all about fear. I have experienced it all my life. My parents, teachers, and peers always gave me something to fear. And always derided my art (drawing, building, and writing). Especially saying, “You can’t make a living doing art!”
    It has taken me about 30 years before I finally told myself near the end of 2012, “Hey. Let’s say the world really does end in cataclysms on Dec. 21. Do you really want to go out thinking, ‘I really wish I would have at least *tried* to get one of my stories published’. At least I would have a sense of some kind of accomplishment in my life.” So I did it. I wrote a simple little Micro-Flash Western and submitted it. I felt good. It was not accepted, but the publishers were positive and gracious while wishing me good fortune elsewhere, but I did submit it.
    After I submitted that story, I learned about ‘Fantasy Times’ magazine and submitted two more stories. All while feeling fear. They published both. I was shocked. I didn’t think anyone would like them. I had given in to fear regarding them for too many years.

    So, yes, fear is something we are taught by people who are afraid to live their own dreams. An artist needs to ignore the naysayers and keep moving forward. The universe will help pave the way for you, as Gioconda said.

    Thank you for the good interview, and thank you for hosting the interview, Christina.

      • Nikita, I believe that what you said is true: a lot of people that *do not go* after their dream teach others *not to go* after theirs. Their behavior also stems from fear. I am happy that you got over yours and started submitting your work. It;s a wonderful feeling when it gets accepted, doesn’t it? Thank you for opening yourself to us like you did, and I wish you much success in the future. 🙂

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