Home, Health…and So Much More by Lynn Rae

As Lynn Rae points out, we think first of home and family when we’re giving thanks. But there’s so much more to be thankful for! She shares a few of her blessings. And I couldn’t agree more with #4! What a true blessing. 🙂

Home, Health…and So Much More

by Lynn Rae

This is the time of year when we are often asked what we are grateful for. That’s one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. It’s nice to have a holiday centered on reflection and gratitude, two very laudable characteristics often overlooked in our busy, modern culture. The obvious answers to the question are elemental; our families, our health, the happy achievements of the year nearing its close.

This year I decided to expand my horizons and come up with some other things I am grateful for this year. Here’s a partial list:

  1. Joining a CSA. For those of you unfamiliar, the letters stand for Community Supported Agriculture. Our family bought a share, and every week this summer we received a box of fresh, locally-grown produce from a small farm operation. It was delicious, good for us, and a wonderful way to try new foods free of excess chemicals and shipped from goodness knows where.
  2. My son’s school. He started kindergarten this fall and the transition couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I was worried about him riding the bus, being the littlest in a school full of ‘big’ kids, and how he would do having to get up so early in the morning. After very little adjustment, he’s happy to go every day of the week, always says he’s had a good day when he gets off the bus, and his teacher says he’s a great helper.
  3. The Worthington, Ohio Public Library. We use this resource at least once a week. It’s a fantastic library system (the Library Journal gave it five stars again in 2013), the staff is friendly, and the materials they provide are world-class. I can browse picture books for my son, new classical music releases, or delve into research materials for my next book.
  4. The DVR. This household device, along with our automatic ice-maker, has made my life exponentially better. Not only can I skip commercials, I don’t have to worry I’m missing something when my son or husband are watching what they want on our solitary television. Recording shows means I never have to negotiate who gets to watch what, when. I just wait until everyone else falls asleep and I can catch up on all the Walking Dead episodes I want.


Lynn Rae is a romance writer residing in Columbus, Ohio.  With professional experience in fields ranging from contract archaeology to librarianship along with making donuts and teaching museum studies, she enjoys incorporating her quirky sense of humor and real-life adventures into her writing (except the naughty parts). Her latest contemporary, Return, is available from Musa Publishing and other online retailers.



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