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New Year’s Resolutions by Tori James

From Christina: One of the highlights of 2013 for me was getting to know author Tori James and her unique outlook on life.  I was delighted when she offered to share a few of her New Year’s Resolutions at Time for Love.

And how sweet for her to throw in such a huge compliment at the end. Tori, sharing the blog with you today was MY pleasure. Thanks so much! 

New Year’s Resolutions

By Tori James

New Year coming up! Its exciting, isn’t it? The prospect of fresh beginnings and the start of change. I make resolutions every year, except for last year. I resolved to not make any new resolutions. Wait….hmm. Nevermind!

New Year

But seriously, this year I’ve decide to maybe tackle things a bit more manageable and less grandiose. Wish me luck!

  • I will no longer spend my time reliving the past. Instead I will just focus on worrying about the future.
  • I will think of good passwords besides “password”.
  • I will remember that you can’t force someone to love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they give in without getting the police involved.
  • I will practice my No Chocolate Left Behind policy more effectively.
  • When I hear a funny joke, I will not respond verbally with LOL LOL!
  • Try to remember that not everyone is a Star Wars fan. Their obvious lack of taste is not my problem.
  • I will try to remember that my car is NOT a DeLorean and that no matter how many times I try to tell the cops I was just trying to get her up to 88 mph so I could see some serious  s**t, they aren’t going to buy it.
  • I will treat myself better. Starting with NOT seeing the new Sly Stallone/Robert De Niro  movie “Grudge Match.” Both men need to admit …grudgingly (see what I did there?) that they need to wear a man-siere.
  • I will resolve to remember its LeviOsa and not LeviosA.
  • And my Final New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is: 1024 by 968 pixels.

I truly hope one and all had a great holiday season and here’s to making the next year magical, happy and full of good stuff!

Christina, lady, you are amazing. One of the best gifts I got this past year was meeting you. Thank you for letting me steal a bit of your time today! 


Tori James has loved reading since she was old enough to hold a book in her lap. While her friends were out playing, she was generally curled up nearby falling down rabbit holes, catching second stars to the right, and stepping through wardrobes into mysterious lands and countless adventures. When those stories ended, she made up her own and kept going. Her debut novel, a paranormal romance called Timeless Night, was released on Sept. 20th 2013 and she’s currently working on the sequel.

Readers can find Tori on Facebook as well as on her blog: Oh, the Places I Go!

Old Aquaintances…and New

I’ve always loved New Year’s Eve because of the traditional song, Auld Lang Syne.

“Should old aquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind…”

The song is about old friends, good times shared, and most of all, about the inexorable passing of time.

Auld Lang Syne

I’ve been blessed this year to be able to share my thoughts and my beliefs about love with romance readers who enjoy traditional historical stories. Thank you for all your kind words, your wonderful reviews of my books, and your continued support.

I hope my new stories will continue to inspire you, delight you, and satisfy those cravings for something both sweet and spicy.

I’ve also been incredibly blessed this year to share my life and time with many, many talented romance authors. Writing is truly all about sharing — sharing our thoughts, sharing our beliefs, sharing our passions, sharing our time. I am grateful to those authors who have long been friends as well as those whose acquaintance I’ve made during this past year.

I especially want to thank Vicki Batman, Angela K. Roe, Ashley Nemer, Sabrina Garie, Mae Clair, Holly Jody Gill, and Charlene Roberts for taking time out during this very, very busy holiday season to visit Time for Love and share their personal thoughts and Christmas traditions.

It was also a pleasure to meet several new authors in 2013. Thanks go out to Gioconda Lyss, Shelby Rebecca, and Robin Leigh Morgan for sharing their experiences with us.

Now, as we leave the hustle and bustle of Christmas behind and come to the end of the year — and the beginning of a new year — many of us will be thinking of resolutions to keep, goals we’d like to reach, and changes that can help us make 2014 the best year of our lives.

My resolutions are simple: Live fully. Laugh often. Love deeply.


Live Fully



And always take time to express gratitude, appreciation, and thanksgiving. I’ve been blessed in 2013, and I wish the best to you and your families in the coming year.

– With Love, Christina –

Readers’ Choice Award

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Christmas Traditions in the Gill House by Holly Jody Gill

From Christina: Merry Christmas to all! Today, author Holly Jody Gill has been gracious enough to share her family’s Christmas traditions with us. Thank you, Holly, for inviting us into your home on this special day. Oh, by the way…can you tell where Holly is from?  The colourful clothing and the programmes on the telly might be a  bit of a clue. 

Christmas Traditions in the Gill House

by Holly Jody Gill

Here comes Christmas!

Another year has passed by quickly.  We are in the thick of a cold winter, dull and gray scenery of bare trees, but with people wrapped in colourful winter clothing.  Now is the time for excited children dragging their parents to the toy shops to get the latest XBox, Christmas carols being sung, and Christmas tunes being played all around. The telly is filled with programmes gearing up for the festive day, showing people how to cook the perfect dinner and the perfect dessert.

Our Christmas tree stands six feet tall in the living room. It’s decorated with fairy lights, tinsel, and most of all the special baubles that my children have chosen each and every year. The hearth is surrounded by a garland of light resembling holly leaves and berries.  When I have the time to relax, there is nothing better than to sit in front of the fire with the Christmas lights on and watch a good movie with the family as we eat and drink to celebrate this wonderful season.

I really enjoy Christmas.  It’s the time to be with family and share a succulent meal.  During the past few years, however, I’ve not been about to spend as much time with my family as I want because of the work shifts in my day job as a healthcare assistant. No mother would want to be away from family during this most special day, having to miss out on so much joy and happiness.  I am just happy that I have a family who understands the demands of my work.  When we do come together, especially late in the evening, presents are handed out.  Not an ideal situation, I know. However, this year, I’ve been blessed to finally spend Christmas with family.

What I do love about Christmas is the one Gill family tradition that we do every year without fail since my son arrived twenty years ago. During his first Christmas we went shopping for tree ornaments and my son found a sweet white teddy bear decoration, holding a candy cane. It went on the tree.

Each year we travel to a garden centre in our town where there is a large selection of Christmas decorations celebrating the winter season, lights, villages, baubles of all different shapes and colour from gingerbread men, ice cream, snowflakes, to Santa, and of course plenty of holly. Each of my children gets to choose one bauble that goes on the Christmas tree for that year. I don’t care what they pick, how small or big (well there might be a little limit as I don’t wish the tree lop siding).

I always take pictures of them looking and wandering around the department, smiling and showing me some fun ornaments, lights sparkling and Christmas tunes bellowing out, full of festive joy. I always get a warm glow and feel emotional at being able to continue this wonderful and sentimental tradition of choosing a bauble, and spending quality time together and having fun.

Holly 1

No doubt when I get grandchildren the tradition will continue. I might need to get another Christmas tree, though I’m not so sure my husband will be too pleased being a humbug. Still, it’s a tradition we enjoy as a family and with us all leading busy working lives, it’s now more important to have the quality time together and enjoy something we all enjoy, even the humbug.

Holly 2

Happy Holidays!!

A wife and mother of three, Holly J. Gill is a romance writer whose favourite genre is erotica. She has three books published with Secret Cravings called the “Desires series” about a sex club and how two people go through the trials of falling in love. In Holly’s spare time she loves spending time with her family, friends, listening to music, watching movies, and traveling around England enjoying the beautiful countryside. You can find Holly on Facebook, Twitter, and on her blog: Writing is Where My Heart Is.


Debut Author: Robin Leigh Morgan

From Christina: Robin stopped by my author page one day and left a comment. I replied, we chatted back and forth, and she told me about her debut YA novel, I Kissed a Ghost. I loved the title, and I invited Robin to share a few thoughts about her experiences as an author.  Enjoy!


By Robin Leigh Morgan

Some of us who have chosen to write fiction come from a variety of places. And by “a variety of places,” I’m not referring to a physical location; I’m referring to our writing experiences.

There are some of us who have enjoyed writing since we were children, and each year, by writing something in school, it improved. For some of us, it continued until we graduated college and began working. Some of us entered the work force taking jobs, which required us to write, whether it was procedures, handbooks/manuals, or news stories. But all of these are non-fiction, and each one has a set of “rules” that need to be followed to write something well enough to be acceptable.

As for myself, while my regular job did not require me to write, for eleven years I wrote articles [commentaries/viewpoints] of what was happening in my community and my feelings about it. When I started to write these items, my writing skills were not honed. I didn’t have my ideas organized in a tight manner, although my writing had been informative. By the time I’d written my last item, I’d become quite adept at it.

When I started to write fiction, I somehow drifted to writing a contemporary romance story with a paranormal element running through the storyline, but after almost 9 years I still hadn’t completed it. That is, until someone suggested I should write for a much younger audience, which is what I did, culminating in my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled I Kissed a Ghost.

Anyway, making the transition from non-fiction to fiction, I’ve had to learn a new set of rules on how to write. Most of these involved dialogue, showing not telling, where before I just told. I now had to learn about the use of tags. I had to learn not to be overly descriptive of something, but allow my reader to create the image for themselves in their minds.

In the beginning I found it hard to break my old writing habits. Now I’m finding myself with these habits essentially gone. The biggest issue I still have and am trying to get a good handle on, is POV [Point of View]. Regardless of what’s happening or being said it has to be in one character’s perspective, and you can’t flip-flop between two characters within a scene. There needs to be a transition from one character to another.

All these things have helped me mold myself into the author I am today. I’ve also learned there are additional rules within a genre, depending on the sub-genre you’ve decided to write in. These rules apply to the dialogue spoken, which needs to be true to the time period you’re writing in, as well as how your characters are dressed, and their titles, if any, as is the case with the Regencies sub-genre of romance novels.

So as you can see, writing is not merely a string of words you put together. There are rules that need to be followed if you’re to be well received by your readers.

* * * *
Robin Leigh Morgan is a retired NYC civil servant who has been married for 19 years with no children. After finishing her YA novel, she’s now turned her writing talents to contemporary romance. You can find her at her blog, My Writing Journey,  on  Facebook , Twitter, and at Goodreads. She loves hearing from readers and sharing snippets of her writing. Her debut novel, I Kissed a Ghost, is available at Amazon.

SHOWCASE: Author Gioconda Lyss


Author Gioconda Lyss

ImageI became acquainted with Gioconda when she joined the Secret Cravings Publishing family. As a debut author, she accepted my invitation to write a few words about her journey into the world of romance writing.

Her message inspired many readers, I’m sure.

Published in September, her erotic novella,  Heaven on Earth, has already gained several 5-star reviews at Amazon.
Here’s a bit about the story:

Gwen McAllister and Desmond Blankenship have both had their share of disappointment in love and marriage. Gwen is a divorced woman who swears never to love again. Desmond is a businessman who finds his wife in bed with a friend.

The two meet at a party in Phoenix and soon begin a long-distance relationship. While Desmond knows Gwen is the woman he wants to be with, Gwen is reluctant about facing her feelings for Desmond.

Just when Desmond is ready to declare his true feelings for Gwen, Gwen’s life take an unexpected turn. Leticia Martinez, Gwen’s long- time friend and occasional lover, makes an unexpected visit. At first, Leticia and Desmond express an instant dislike for one another.

Will Gwen have to choose between the two people she loves the most, or will they make the relationship work for all three of them?

* * *

Gioconda was born in Romania but now lives in the US along with her husband and two pets she describes as “the world’s most spoiled cat and dog.”

She blogs at “Romancing the Word” with features about your favorite writers of erotic romance.  She is also part of the “Passion Beyond Words” team, gathering love stories for a collection of works. The first volume was released in August, and a second volume is now in the works.

* * *

From Christina: Readers, if you like hot, steamy stories, be sure to check out Gioconda’s novella, as well as the “Passion Beyond Words” story anthology. You can contact Gioconda at her blog, or on her Facebook page.

It’s That Time of Year by Charlene Roberts

From Christina: I loved reading Charlene’s thoughts about the Christmas season. I, too, miss some of the “old-fashioned” celebrations. Maybe we can bring them back!


It’s That Time of Year

by Charlene Roberts

Oh, it’s that time of year!  Festivities, friends, family and fun!

Charlene 1

I have to admit, as much as I don’t like the over-zealous Christmas commercialization (I mean really; Christmas songs and advertisements right after Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween? In October?), I do feel that extra bit of excitement when the first snowflakes are flying through the air.

I wish sometimes that Christmas was celebrated the old-fashioned way—visiting neighbors, buying gifts that meant something and treating it as the cherished holiday that it is. Call me old, I don’t care—I miss the friendliness of strangers yelling “Merry Christmas!” as they scurried hither and yon, looking for that perfect gift. It doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

I also like to spend the holidays reflecting on what has happened in the past year and what I can do to make the next year better, for myself and for others. I also use the time to think of goals; I don’t wait until the New Year (I’m sort of like Santa; making a list and checking it twice). Besides life goals (weight loss, work already!), I also like to work on my writing goals; I’m a slow writer, so having a rough outline of what I would like to accomplish for the next year helps to keep me on track.Charlene 2

But Christmas should be fun time! Whether it’s watching television shows (Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol), going out to admire the Christmas decorations, or attending church) or honoring the season in your own special way, please enjoy yourself (hey, if you’re one of the lucky ones like me, that’s five days off work—whoo hoo!!) 🙂

Charlene Roberts is an active member of the Romance Writers of America. She lives in Toronto, Canada.  She’s been a model, and has also worked in the film, consulting, and insurance agencies.

Charlene says she likes for her heroes to be a little unpredictable, and she loves when plans come together. Be sure to check out her latest release, Festive Persuasion, a Christmas novella available from Ellora’s Cave.