Featured Title: Chalkboard Romance

Last month, readers voted Chalkboard Romance by  Melissa Keir as the title they’d most like to see featured at Time for Love. When I talked to Melissa about her book, she explained that the story was inspired by personal experience. 

She shared a few thoughts about Chalkboard Romance and the pitfalls of parent-teacher relationships.

“Chalkboard Romance”

Melissa Keir

Chalkboard Romance was a story I had in my head for a while. I’ve been a teacher for over twenty years and seen how much has changed over that time. I really wanted to have a character like Lauren who loved her job. She’s passionate about teaching and helping the children. It’s a job that never ends. Teachers take their worries and concerns over their students home with them each night.

I also wanted to write a story that had the conflict of a teacher dating a parent of one of her students. I ended up marrying a former student’s parent. The situation made for some interesting conflicts in my own life. Other teachers felt that I was setting the school up for a negative backlash. Parents were shocked and students were happy. Like a small town, you can’t keep gossip out of schools, so everyone knew my business.

Other than Lauren’s love of her job and worry over her students, she is nothing like me. I hope you enjoy this erotic fictional romance about a teacher and the parent she falls in love with.

Chalkboard Romance by Melissa Keir

Excerpt from Chalkboard Romance

“Wait for the car to stop, Todd.” Lauren kept Todd safe close by.

The driver’s side door opened and out stepped the man from her late night sexual fantasies, Mac. Her mouth dropped open. What? Why is he here? Her mind raced with unanswered questions. Todd pulled his hand out of her grasp before running toward the car.

Mac only had eyes for his son. When Todd launched himself into his arms, he pulled him close, then looked up at the woman standing on the curb. As his gaze met hers, Mac’s eyes widened.

“Hello, again,” he said. His deep voice sent chills down her back. Lauren stood staring at the man she dreamed of each night.

“You’re Todd’s dad?” Her voice shook. Stunned, Lauren paused in shock.

“Dad, Dad, Dad…” Todd tugged on his dad’s arm. “Let’s go. I’m ready to go home.” Todd’s impatience was evident to everyone.

“I’ve been searching for you. I tried to find you. I even contacted Draikoh San. He wouldn’t tell me your full name or give me your number.” Mac took a step toward Lauren.

She couldn’t believe he’d thought of her too. “You did?” Maybe this was God’s way of telling her something. After all, she did say if they were meant to be…Lauren’s thought trailed off as she noticed Todd’s desperation.

“Dad…Dad…I want to leave.” Todd’s body shook. He jumped up and down trying to get his father’s attention.

“Just a moment, son.” Mac walked over toward Lauren with a purposeful stride.

Is he going to kiss me? Excitement over Mac’s body being this close to her took her breath away. She held her breath and closed her eyes. Please, please.

* * *


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