The Luckiest Girl in the World by A J Best

From Christina: Ever gotten something you didn’t quite expect? That’s what happened to A J Best. I think you’ll enjoy her Valentine’s story. I certainly did.

The Luckiest Girl in the World

by A J Best

Sometimes I can be a little dense, and a little spoiled. So two years ago when my boyfriend got me the following three things, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry:


1. Bacon flavored lip balm.

2. An anatomically correct plush beating heart.

3. A shirt that has the phrase “I love my geek.”

I was kinda in a w-t-f moment. The lip balm tasted like year old bacon grease and the heart….really? I was heartbroken. I didn’t know what I had done wrong to garner such a weird and thoughtless gift.

My boyfriend and I have a completely open door policy so we can discuss things that are bothering us.  After gathering the right words and the guts, I asked him about the gifts. And this is what he had to say.

“I knew you were disappointed, and I’m sorry. But this is what I was thinking. When I bought your shirt, I bought one for me that said geek on it. So we could wear matching shirts. But you haven’t worn it so I didn’t think you liked it. The bacon lip balm was just a little gag gift knowing how much you like bacon. And the heart, it’s mine. You stole my heart so I figured you should have it properly.”

I felt like the biggest heel on the planet. I’ve learned that you have to take time to understand gifts and not be so spoiled to think that you weren’t given the ‘proper’ gift. For that Valentine’s Day I was given something more precious than gold or diamonds. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


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