A Valentine’s Day Double Feature

Will you be my Valentine?


Today, to show a little Valentine’s love, I’ve got a special treat — a double feature of romantic thoughts. That’s right! You’ll get twice the love today.

It’s like Doublemint gum, for those old enough to remember…

Double your pleasure, double your fun

Or think of it as not one, but two scoops of your favorite ice cream. Or going to a ball game for a double-header…or a theater showing a double feature.

First on the bill is author Ju Ephraime with a cute little Show, Don’t Tell. Next, Amanda Ward shares some very special Valentine’s Memories in A Day of Love.

Show, Don’t  Tell by  Ju Ephraime

A Day of Love by Amanda Ward

But why stop there? Why not indulge yourself in all the sweetness and warm fuzzies you can?  Here are quick and easy links to more Valentine posts, and as always, I’d like to thank the authors who’ve contributed and have helped make Time for Love such a fun place to be.

Valentine’s Day Musings by Tea Cooper

The Luckiest Girl in the World by A J Best

Worst Valentine’s — Evah! by Vicki Batman

Daylily Lane by V L Locey

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your thoughts! And thank you, readers, for your love and support.


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