Show…Don’t Tell by Ju Ephraime

From Christina: Every woman has a special heart throb, I think. Maybe a few of us have several! I know I do. While my heart and soul will always belong only to my husband, I’ll still drool over a handsome face on the silver screen, or more likely, the television screen. Today, Ju Ephraime talks about her Valentine’s crush.

Show, Don’t Tell

by Ju Ephraime

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and romance is in the air. Chocolate hearts, roses, and greeting cards are everywhere. But for me nothing will do without my true valentine. My true valentine is a man I can’t touch and can only watch on television. I watch him and my heart flutters. He’s not young, does not have a six-pack. He’s not even terribly handsome, but he knows how to use, what I’ve been told as an author, is so terribly important—show and not tell.

Boy, can that man show without ever opening his mouth once. He talks with his eyes and the tilt of his head.

Just by moving his head slightly and with the raise of an eyebrow; a squint of an eye, or a wide-eyed look, he conveys it all.

Michael Kitchen

I’m talking about the British actor, Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War, the British detective drama television series. Phew!

For more on Michael, click here:

Michael Kitchen


OK, so who is YOUR secret crush? What handsome face makes your heart flutter?  Whose voice sends your head spinning with wild and crazy thoughts?


About Ju Ephraime: She describes herself as “an eternal optimist”. She’s also an avid reader and writer, especially of high heat romance. She loves a good, exciting story. You’ll find her and her many books at her blog:

Ju Ephraime

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