My Winter Deuce by Decadent Kane

From Christina: I’ll have to admit, when I first received this “winter reflections” post from Decadent Kane, I was shaking my head a bit, trying to figure out exactly what a “winter deuce” might be. Read on for the answer! 

My Winter Deuce

by Decadent Kane

Winter sometimes has a way of surprising you. It sneaks up, soft, light, snowflakes edging ever closer to the ground and before you know it snow has enveloped the ground and trees casting a beautiful nature display in cool colors with a crisp air on the side.

I’m not a winter lady. I’m a summer. I love heat, the sun, swimming, not sliding down icy roads when I drive, and all the bright colors summer brings.

But winter brought me someone special. One of my fiance’s dogs had died- they were brothers, lived together their entire lives, and the one living became very depressed. He no longer had someone to be with; his brother was gone.

We went to the local kill shelter to see what might be available. Originally we were looking for a small dog. I’m not fond of dogs in general. They tend to scare me, and I was bitten in the face by one when I was 8. So I shy away from big dogs.

That’s when I saw him though…

This chubby black puppy with white spots on his paws. He looked so little and forlorn with his baby brothers. I honestly fell in love with him. 

He wasn’t going to be released for a few days yet so everyone who was interested had to come back the day of release and it was a first come-first serve basis. I showed up early…I was waiting in the parking lot and then I got in line. There were quite a few waiting, not a ton, but several.

Once I got in they told us there were 3 puppies and so the first 3 people on the property got to go in…according to who came first. I ended up being second and when I walked back there those big brown eyes tore at me and my heart overfilled as I scooped up my little guy and set forth with him.

I named him Deuce.

And then I realized as I started looking up information on his breed that my little puppy wasn’t going to end up so little…

He’s a mastiff mutt mix.

Right now, almost 2 years later, if he stands up, he is taller than me. He walks at my hip height and weighs more than I do.

He’s my little lap dog. Maybe winter wasn’t directly the cause of me getting him, but he’s my winter Deuce either way…He adores the snow.

* * * *
Decadent Kane says that writing isn’t something she wants to do, it’s a need. Blank pages call to her — and drive her crazy.  In her words, she needs “to see words written down in my handwriting. I need to create characters, worlds, plots, ideas, dialogue.” The result of her creative madness can be found in her series, “The Trouble with Elves”, available at Amazon.



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