Featured Title: Chasing Love

Last month, readers voted Chasing Love by  Tamara Hoffa as the title they’d most like to see featured at Time for Love.  I wanted to know more about the story, as well, so I asked Tamara to share a few thoughts.

She’ll also be giving away an ebook copy of Chasing Love. For a chance to win, please leave a comment.  

“Chasing Love”

Tamara Hoffa

Chasing Love is book 2 in the Circle R Ranch series. I live in a small town in Tennessee and the Ryan brothers could be my neighbors. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to living in a small town, especially small towns in the south: everyone knows your business and they aren’t afraid to share.

Chasing Love by Tamara Hoffa

* * * *

What the hell am I going to do? I acted like a royal slut last night. I am so stupid! How am I ever going to live this down? The whole town will think I’m a whore. I’m going to have to move!

* * * *

Aside from her actions making the tongues in town wag, Samantha has some serious self-esteem issues to deal with.

* * * *

“But, why? I can’t imagine you lack for female company. What would you want with a fat old lady like me?”

Chase shook her by the shoulders again. “Did you just seriously call yourself fat and old? Lady you are not fat, you have curves in all the right places, and believe me I know. I explored them all.”

Samantha could feel her cheeks heat at his words.

“And as for being old. That’s just ridiculous. I know it was your birthday, and women are weird about those kinds of things, but what are you, twenty-five, twenty-six?”

“Thirty,” she mumbled.

“Oh, so that’s the big deal. The big three O has you feeling old. Well, I’ll have you know lady, the woman I slept with last night wasn’t old. She was hot and sexy and amazing.”

* * * *

Chase has to overcome Samantha’s fears and anxiety in order to get her to give them a chance at a relationship.

* * * *

Samantha continued to shake her head. “I’m not going to go out with you, Chase.”

Chase leaned in close, until his breath brushed her lips. “Yes, you will,” he said as he lightly brushed his lips against hers. She inhaled and caught a tantalizing scent, man and a woodsy aftershave that smelled divine.

Chase traced the edge of her lips with his tongue and she opened with a sigh. He took quick advantage of her acceptance and swept his tongue into her mouth, exploring with consummate skill and passion.

* * * *

He devises a plan. He’d woo Samantha the old fashion way, with a little help from his mother and the ladies from the little league team he coaches, Chase sets out to win his lady love. She may run, but his name isn’t “Chase” for nothing and he always gets what chases after. This time it’s the prize of a lifetime.




For more western romance, check out Book One in Tamara’s Circle R Ranch series. Roping Love is available as a free download at Amazon. 


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