March Madness by Ju Ephraime

From Christina: Author Ju Ephraime stops by today to share a tidbit of history. Ever wonder where the expression “mad as a March hare” comes from? Here’s the answer.

March Madness

by Ju Ephraime

March HareThe term March Madness was coined after the European Brown Hares, who, though generally nocturnal and shy in nature, change their behavior in the spring, when they can be seen in broad daylight chasing one another around fields and meadows.

This is when the female takes her stance to mate. It is the female, not the male that makes the selection… It is she who decides as she boxes her way around the meadow, taking her time to decide which male will be the lucky one.

About Ju Ephraime: Like the European Brown Hare, Ju Ephraime says she’ll be taking her stance this spring, hoping to be seen all over the internet as she aims for best-seller status. Check out her books at her website, “All About High Heat Romance“.


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