Father’s Day Ideas by A J Best

From Christina: Next weekend we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day. My husband already has his present — the old weed-eater broke, so I convinced him he needed a new one.  Of course, I’ll give him a lovely card, too, along with a special treat. Cream puffs. He loves them. 

Author A J Best is here today to share a few ideas to help you make your Father’s Day special.


Father’s Day Ideas

by A J Best

Father’s Day is just around the corner. My relationship with my father was never one where I made something for him, or even bought him something. And now that I’m getting older and I see how I want my kids to treat their father, it saddens me that I don’t have the experience to help them make something spectacular for their dad. And knowing their dad, spectacular meant that they remembered Father’s Day to begin with.

So, without the worldly experience behind me I did what any normal human would do, I Googled it. I think I found the perfect thing for at least the 10 year old to do. Check this out:

Father's Day


I borrowed the picture and the idea from this blog: A Day In My Life.

She really does have some great ideas. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your dad, I suggest using tips from others to make sure your kids have memories to share with theirs.


A J Best is a frequent contributor to Time for Love.  Visit her at her blog: A J Best Writes.

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Ideas by A J Best

  1. Cool idea! I know Father’s Day from my 20 years in Germany, but it’s only catching on here in Sri Lanka very slooooooowly. Which is a good thing, if you ask me, because people here appreciate their parents most of the time. 😉

    • It’s amazing the traditions one takes for grated as a worldwide phenomenon. I appreciate learning more about different cultures and their traditions.

      Can you think of a holiday you have that we don’t?

      • Well, all the Buddhist and Hindu holidays come to mind. We don’t have any other days where one group of people or one event is celebrated. I guess that goes against the Asian nature. 😉 Though for example Valentine’s Day has found its way here now among the younger generation…
        I’ll see whether I can come up with another post.

  2. Thanks for having me on the blog today. Believe it or not ‘I’ got a Father’s Day gift this week. I found my grandfather that I have never met. Been 40 years and I am just so happy!

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