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Harvesting Your Thoughts by Deryn Pittar

From Christina: When I first spoke to other authors about sharing a few autumn thoughts, Deryn Pittar brought up an interesting point. Not everyone is celebrating autumn. She’s a “down-under” author, so instead of chill winds and frosty nights, she’s getting ready for the warmth and renewal of spring. I invited her to share her thoughts on her own, unique “other-side-of-the-world” perspective of this time of year.


Harvesting Your Thoughts

by Deryn Pittar


In the Northern Hemisphere you’re all thinking about harvesting and battening down for the coming winter.  You have Halloween, with pumpkins hollowed out with cut faces and candles lit inside them. I believe you put these on your door steps. You’re enjoying the color of autumn, the brisk winds spreading their colorful leaves over the ground and you’re making the most of every hot sunny day that sneaks its way into autumn’s progress, lulling you with memories of summer.

When your winter storms hit we hear about them on our news, in the midst of our summer days while we sit around in the long evenings, enjoying barbeques,  and the benefits of daylight saving – except for the children who refuse to go to bed while the sun is up.



The View from Down Under


September and October in the Southern Hemisphere are a time of hope and growth. We hope for a nice wet spring, warm enough to make the trees blossom and the grass grow. Our palates are blessed with the crunch of freshly picked asparagus, lightly steamed, then drizzled with melted butter and garlic.

We don’t enjoy the equinox winds that sometimes blow from September till December, drying the ground, bending the trees and blasting the residents with its sharp edges, because winter is inclined to lash it tail down here, Down Under.

While you are snuggling down to write this autumn, preparing to put into words all your ideas and themes that summer activities have stopped you from doing – think of us. September October is when we dash out into the garden, plant and nurture, dreaming of a bountiful harvest.

Halloween is not very exciting down under.  An American custom, it’s still catching on. Children dress in costumes and knock on the door for treats.  Don’t ask them for a trick, they have no idea what you mean.  It’s like a begging trail. No pumpkins, but lots of witches and fearsome masks. Noses are turned up at homemade cookies, shop-bought sweets are the preferred treats. There is considerable parental resistance to this pseudo holiday.

Finding time to write in spring becomes a search for elusive minutes. Where have they gone? They’ve migrated north, to you. This is your opportunity to finish that novel, complete that poem, solve that plot hole and submit the romance you’ve rewritten three times. Grab the chance while your fellow authors, Down Under, are in the tight grasp of spring on the energy carousel.

I hope you enjoy your autumn and winter. I envy you, tucked up tight, snug inside, perhaps snowbound even, with all our spare minutes piled up in the hallway for you to use – until come April/May they wing their way south once more, for me to snaffle and devour.

Grab them, cherish them, use them well. I’ll be waiting for the leftovers!

Deryn Pittar describes herself as “a lady of advancing age, greying at the temples, and enjoying the benefits of retirement.” She enjoys words and has developed a love of Haiku, Tanka, Fibonacci and other forms of short poetry.  In addition to her poetry, she has published short fiction, two Sci Fi Romance novellas and is now working on a third. You can visit her at A Writer’s Ramblings.


Thoughts about Fall by Krista Ames

From Christina: So pleased to share another bit of romance from another lover of autumn. Please welcome Krista Ames to Time for Love.

Thoughts about Fall

Who doesn’t love fall ?

It’s literally my favorite season and I don’t think I always knew that.  I grew up in Indiana where we definitely had four seasons and once I became an adult, I always hated to see snow come and the need to drive in it, especially after I had kids.  Once my third child was born, we made the life altering decision to move to Florida and warm weather all the time was quite a change from what I’d been used to.  I think after a year there I finally figured out what I was missing.  There are no season changes.  There was only hot and hotter.  The fall came and went with no changing of the colors and even at Christmas there was no snow.  How weird do you think it was to be wearing shorts and a T-shirt at Christmas?  The longer we stayed there, the more I missed fall and the cooler, sweatshirt and jeans weather.

Finally after three-ish years and some tough personal issues, during the fall season I made the decision to move my children and myself back to Indiana.  It was a beautiful drive and good to be getting things back to normal.  Then I met my second husband and was so thrilled that he loved fall as much as me.  So much so that we even got married in the middle of September, outside at a state park and planned a fall themed wedding.  Every year now we make a point of taking a color tour of the north between mid-September and mid-October.

Now, we live in Northern Lower Michigan and the leaves have changed colors and mostly fallen from the trees.  I took advantage when I could and snapped tons of pictures of my kids with the fall theme.


The weather was a cool 40 degrees over the weekend as we took the kids to a fall festival.  I’m not looking forward to fall ending because the temperature will continue to drop and that white stuff will be here before I want it to.  Once it arrives, I’ll be asking myself as I do every year now, why is it that I moved from Florida?

Yep that’s right, because fall is my favorite season and it’s worth it just to have a few months of that cool and beautiful weather.  If there was a place in the states where the weather was 60ish degree sweatshirt weather year round, trust me, I’d be there !!

So how do you feel about fall?

Author Bio: Krista is a full time, stay-at-home mom. She pursues her writing career when she’s not chasing kids, cooking, or doing laundry.  Watch for her upcoming release from The Wild Rose Press, titled “Second Nature”. It’s Book One in the “Second Series”. Krista can be found online at Passion for Romance. She loves to hear from readers. You can also contact her by email, krista@kristaames.com.

Autumn Colors by Judy Baker

Autumn Colors

by Judy Baker

Photo from Judy Baker

Photo from Judy Baker

I love autumn colors. The only thing that makes me sad about autumn, is the fact that winter is banging on the door too hard and fast in the state of Utah. I guess you can tell, I’m not too fond of winter. Once I heard someone say that no one likes the color orange! I do. Orange is a happy color and when I look at all the fall leaves, who doesn’t like orange. There’s so many shades of orange colors that I can’t imagine not liking some.

As a writer, I recall memories from my past, especially time spent on my grandparents’ farm in Yellow Creek, Tennessee. My favorite thing to do in the fall was to take a long walks through the woods and listen to the orange, dry leaves crush beneath my feet. So, you can guess, my character sometimes take long walks through the woods on an autumn day, and of course, someone’s stalking her!

Photo from Judy Baker

Photo from Judy Baker

Every fall, my hubby and I take a motorcycle ride through the canyons to see all the beautiful colors, ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other. Don’t let autumn pass you by without check out mother nature’s colors.

This fall, I’ve been busy writing, but we always take time to visit Yellowstone National Park, except this (government shutdown put a halt on that trip!). Why do I love to go to Yellowstone in the fall? For the colors, of course, and I’ve always been lucky enough to see wolves. I have a soft spot in my heart for wolves, they seem to roam more during the cool days of fall. I guess that why I write them into my books.

About Judy:

Judy lives in the beautiful western state of Utah. Though she’s a southerner at heart, she loves the surrounding mountains and the desert valleys. When not writing the stories that fill her head, she enjoys RVing with her family, stargazing through one of her many telescopes, digging in her wildflower garden, and golfing or just swinging on the patio while plotting her next story. She’s also an avid fan of coffee and the ocean. You can find out more about Judy on her website, Coffee Time with Judy Baker, or at her blog, Judy’s Escape.


It’s That Time of Year by Ashley Nemer

From Christina: I want to thank Ashley for sharing her thoughts about autumn. She grew up not far from where I live, so many of my fall memories are very much the same.  I’ve jumped in the leaves, skipped rocks over the water, and felt that same exhilarating coolness in the air. And Ashley, I have photos of a few parks in Kansas where I’ve spent time with my family. I’m always happy to share, so whenever you want to look back on your childhood days, maybe between the two of us we can find that park your remember.

It’s That Time of Year

by Ashley Nemer

It’s that time of year, when the leaves start changing colors slowly and then begin to fall to the ground. I’m sure we all have those fun memories of fall and early winter when it’s the perfect temperature to play out in the afternoon sun as a child. Raking up the leaves and putting them into a large pile and diving into it.

For me, this season always meant new beginnings. When I was in grade school I lived in Kansas. The seasons were vastly different than those I experience in Houston, Texas. For one, there are actual distinct seasons that last longer than a week. That’s probably the only thing consistent in Texas during fall / winter / spring – if you have issues with the weather, don’t worry, it will change next week.

But in Kansas, fall represented school starting, weather cooling and fun beginning. My mom’s house was on this huge acre of land. Okay okay, it was huge to a nine year old, whether or not it was actually “huge” I suppose is debatable. Anyway…My brother and I were tasks with raking the leaves. As you can imagine that was a huge job for two “youngins”. Except, we always had a blast. We would spend all day outside raking leaves and diving into the piles of them.

Colorful Autumn Leaves

Colorful Autumn Leaves – Drawing by Christina

Until that one pile had a snake. Shivers – that had to be one of the worst times. I remember I was riding my bike, gaining momentum so when I jumped off of it I would fly into the pile. Thank God I looked down before I jumped and saw that deadly snake waiting for me. (What a nine year old girl thinks is deadly.) In all reality it was probably a little garden snake but no, to a young Ashley it was as deadly as a python and as ugly as a rattler. I rode my bike back to the front door screaming. I grabbed my brother and told him he was never allowed to go outside again.

Looking back – I was definitely one for the theatrics I think. But my memories aren’t all snake-infested. I remember when we lived in Kansas City; we had our two dogs Louise and Sammy. They were sisters, beagles. We all went to a park in the fall. The leaves had just started to fall and the weather had taken a turn for the colder side. We were playing Frisby and catch. Frisby for the humans, catch for the dogs. I learned how to skip rocks on a lake that day. Maybe I should say I attempted to learn because I doubt I would have any success doing that now.

I remember my mom. Her hair flowing in the wind. The sun-kissed blonde strands, her smile, the way she laughed when I pushed my brother into the lake. Yeah, autumn always meant changes for me and that was good. I miss the actual seasons of the year. Houston has two, Hot and Very Hot!

Maybe one day I’ll make it back to Kansas and I can find that park again. Or maybe I’ll just look at photos and smile, remembering times when things were less complicated and life was simply there for enjoying.

Gratitude by Cindy Christiansen

From Christina: I’m very grateful to Cindy for sharing her beautiful thoughts about home, family, and the special memories that come from living, loving, and working together. Please welcome her to Time for Love. 


By Cindy Christiansen

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” — Albert Schweitzer

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I have fond memories of life on our farm with my family and harvesting what we had worked so hard to produce through the year. I remember peeling and coring apple after apple for bottled apples and applesauce, my mouth watering for one of my mom’s homemade apple pies; the canning season coming to a close as we gathered the squash to store in the cellar; and finally putting the garden to bed for the dormant winter months ahead.

Memories of my dad’s hardworking hands, my mother’s gentle smile, and my siblings’ playful banter take me back to a picturesque time when life was slower and more people had a sense of gratitude instead of entitlement.

But most of all, I remember being together as a family, sharing a story and a laugh while we worked together and the feelings of love, contentment, and peace that radiated from our home. I am so very thankful for these memories and hope the home life I have tried to create for my children will provide them with the same wonderful memories I enjoy because there really is no place like home.

Although I am grateful for my family and friends who light the flame within me, often times it’s the memories of life on our farm which help to rekindle my passion for life. For this, I am forever grateful.

About Cindy:Photo - Cindy A. Christiansen

Cindy A. Christiansen writes sweet romance with humor, suspense…and dogs! With over thirty health issues and two autistic children, she struggles to write but finds it cathartic. She loves going where only her characters can take her. She loves dogs and always includes them in her books and features them on her covers. She donates time and money to organizations that help abused and abandoned dogs. She lives with her wonderful family and delightful dogs in West Jordan, Utah.

A Gift to the Senses by Rose Anderson

From Christina: I loved reading Rose’s post about autumn in the midwest. Yep, she’s got it right, and for the record, we’ve already turned our furnace on once…just checking, you know. Enjoy Rose’s reflections!

A Gift to the Senses

by Rose Anderson

I’m enjoying an early autumn day in the Midwest. It’s one of those poetic lofty-cloud big-sky days that can only be described as blue with a capital B. How pretty.

It’s chilly today, and I love it. We play a game in my house called Can You Stand It? The idea is to see how long you can go before you turn the furnace on for the winter. Most years I can get to a week past Thanksgiving unless the beaks of my cockatiels have icicles hanging from them. No need to stress my little buddies. There are other ways to keep warm – pots of soup, baking anything from meatloaf to pie, or filling the house with warm friends.

My hair has taken on its autumn pelage and gone darker. Just the other day I heard the first of many, “Hey, your hair is darker all of a sudden”.  And come spring, it’ll be, “Hey, did you dye your hair? It’s lighter.” Nope. The changing color of my hair is as predictable as the seasons. People have mentioned this every year for my entire life. I don’t know if this phenomenon is particular to me or a natural redhead thing. Maybe it’s a trick of light from the angle of the sun, or just a peculiar trait for a peculiar person.

Or… maybe changing color is just my way of enjoying autumn. This is my favorite time of year, after all.

I love the sound of leaves crunching underfoot and the frosty crispness in the air. I especially love the color everywhere. With the right conditions of cold nights and sunny days, the trees in my neck of the woods don their autumn finery. The other morning, it was cold enough to see my breath when I was out walking the dogs. I knew the colors would pop within days. And they did, not all, just the first in the autumn palette.

Photo by Christina

Photo by Christina

Soon I’ll have butter yellow cherry and hickory trees in my yard. Today the ashes and hazel bushes look like they’ve been set ablaze. Even the oaks are turning. Mostly the bur oaks turn brown, but another round of frosty nights might turn their leaves a dark reddish-purple. I just love that. I’ve only seen it a handful of times in all the years we’ve lived here, but when that occurs, oh my.

The real feast for the eyes dot the streets in the nearby small town neighborhoods. The sugar maples are just starting to turn those vibrant reds, blinding yellows, and glowing oranges. Some years, these trees are so amazing, they’ll take your breath away.

Even if the colors aren’t at their best, there are other things that make me smile. I love the V’s of geese flying overhead. Sometimes they fly so low you can hear that Styrofoam-like sound of their wings moving the wind.

And then there’s the smell of burning leaves wafting my way from the small towns around me. Inexplicably driven to rake the moment the leaves fall, the residents pile and burn them. For me, this ritual sends spectral memories puffing into the air. As a kid growing up in Chicago, these smoldering piles were such fun. We’d jump into the billowing clouds and some of my friends pretended to be angels or ghosts. As a fan of old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies, I’d pretend I was on the moors with the hound. Yes, I was an odd child with an active imagination.

These distinctions from season to season are a gift to the senses and I love them all in their turn. There are things I can count on when the seasons change. In the late spring and early summer when first the lilacs, and then the peonies, irises, and roses bloom, I can count on fierce storms and torrential rains to beat them to smithereens the instant they’re at their loveliest. In autumn, the very week all the trees deck out in fabulous color, a wind storm will strip the branches bare. In the winter when the snow comes deep and still, I can count on my dogs to abandon their favorite business spot in the yard and crisscross the blanket of snowy beauty with tracks that leave it looking like Grand Central Station.

The fleetingness of it all makes you appreciate these things more, I think. It’s like a sweet spring-only Vidalia onion, summer bing cherries, or a Christmas tangerine. No, I take that back. This small window to appreciate the seasons’ beauty is more like a Marshmallow Peep or a Taffy Apple. Get ‘em while they’re here for they will soon be gone.

About Rose:  

Rose Anderson is multi-published award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and learning interesting things to weave into stories. She lives with her family and small menagerie amid oak groves and prairie in the rolling glacial hills of the upper mid-west.  

Her books are available at Amazon. You can also follow Rose at her blog, Calliope’s Writing Tablet. You’ll find her in many places across the web. Wave when you see her! 

Fall Memories by Nikki Lynn Barrett

From Christina: I loved reading Nikki’s autumn memories. Falling in love can be beautiful in any season, but I think there’s something special about autumn romance. What do you think? 

Fall Memories

There is definitely something about autumn that is appealing. Maybe lately it’s that now that I live in Arizona, I’ve already been sick of the hot weather for months and anticipate a nice cool down — the kind of temperatures and crisp cool air that I can sit outside on my swing with a good book and just enjoy the peaceful time.

I’ve always loved the season of autumn though. It means the last few months of that specific year are going to be filled with fun and festivities. Back to back holidays that have a lot of meaning and memories.  Piles of leaves to jump in with best friends.

My husband and I fell in love during the fall. We were both going through hard times in our lives and turned to each other for friendship and support. Before we got together, we’d been friends for six years. We were both in different relationships when we met, but we became good friends. The year we got together, fall had just arrived.

Photo by Christina

Photo by Christina


We used to take midnight walks, very long ones, and talk about things. Our problems, how to handle them and what the next chapter in each of our lives might be. Who knew that it would lead to us discovering feelings for each other? I never expected that. But that’s exactly what happened.



Between our late night walks, talking about everything and the changing of another season, life changed things up for us and started something that every time I think back on, despite some of the crazy drama that happened around our getting together, it’s something that I think back fondly on.

That was nearly six years ago. We’re now married with a four year old and still enjoy that time when the weather gets cooler and we can take those late night walks. It used to be we pushed our son in the stroller and he would be soothed to sleep. Now, he actually walks with us. We don’t go as far as we used to, but we still get pretty far because our kiddo has a lot of energy and can walk a nice distance without tiring. Hmm. I think he gets that from his parents.

So every year, I look for the magic of fall. The changing of seasons, the promise of something good. Maybe I’m a bit of a dreamer…wait no, I KNOW I’m a dreamer, but there’s something about the magic of autumn that I long for all the time.

About Nikki: 

Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She’s an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade.  You can visit Nikki at her site, Welcome to My World, for more information. She is working on her next book. Nikki would love to hear from readers. Email her at nikkilynnbarrett@yahoo.com. Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. She does book reviews at Storm Goddess Reviews. 

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