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Featured Title: Guardian of the Deep

Last month, readers voted Guardian of the Deep by  Flossie Benton Rogers as the title they’d most like to see featured at Time for Love.  I wanted to know more about the story, as well, so I asked Flossie to share a few thoughts.

She’ll also be giving away a copy of Guardian of the Deep. You’ll find the giveaway link below. For a chance to win, please leave a comment. You can also “tweet” about the giveaway and “like” Flossie’s official author page at Facebook for additional entries. 

“Guardian of the Deep”

Flossie Benton Rogers

 The Wytchfae world is one of parallel dimensions close to our own. The idea of intersecting realms appeals to me and is a singular opportunity to explore a variety of mythological systems and magical beings. For me as a writer, it’s a bit like the delicious dessert called trifle. Every bite is a new mouthwatering experience. This spoonful is caramel cream, while the next might be warm coconut or a succulent, pecan brownie. It’s always a surprise.  I hope readers experience it that way too.

Travel occurs among the various Wytchfae dimensions, as well as excursions to the human world. Through powerful individuals called time singers, fae beings also have the capability of time travel. In Guardian of the Deep – Wytchfae 2, hero and heroine Samael and Layla go back in time to a 1950 Montana ranch, much as we would take a vacation. This rustic location throws them out of joint, since he is a dark Guardian of an undersea realm, and she is a Succubus on the lam.

While I am hard at work on any given novel of the Wytchfae series, the main characters of a future novel in the series tend to knock on my door and introduce themselves. They are not obnoxious about it, just passionate that they wish to share their story at a later date. From that point on the characters simmer in the back of my mind until it is their time to play. I knew early on that Samael had merman characteristics befitting an undersea Guardian and that, since meeting him, Layla deplored the Succubus rules she had to live by. They are already mad about each other when the story begins, giving us a chance to explore whether their feelings for each other are strong enough to withstand all the complications that arise on that Montana ranch.

Guardian of the Deep Flossie Benton Rogers

Excerpt from Guardian of the Deep

The draperies swept open to reveal all the glory of the deep ocean. The phosphorescence of seafae lit the waters.

And there Samael glided, every bit as splendorous as the home of his heart.

Layla moved to stand at the window and watch mesmerized as Samael cavorted among his denizens. As happened when sea water covered him, his skin from chest downward shimmered in vibrant jeweled tones—cerulean, purple, and green. The flecks in his eyes sparkled, and his long dark hair with its burnished streaks streamed out behind him. The flashes of sienna undulated with each movement of his head, dazzling her with their richness. The lower half of his body had shifted to its undersea form, that of tail and fins, a brilliant hued merman in all his glory.

The sight took her breath away.

She pressed her palms against the window, and stared.

As if sensing her presence, Samael turned her way, and his lips creased into a smile.

He swam toward her.

Layla pressed her breasts to the cool partition.

With one raised brow and a wicked grin, Samael bent and put his mouth just where her nipple touched the glass pane. She swore she could feel the heat of his tongue, despite the barrier between them.

Her body’s reaction to the erotic moment shot through her like lightning, igniting her with desire for her dark Guardian.



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The Winner is…Flossie Benton Rogers

Congratulations go to Flossie Benton Rogers, winner of Time for Love’s first “Readers’ Choice” Award. Last month, a number of different romance authors shared short blurbs about their books. Readers were then able to vote for their favorites.

Results of the voting can be viewed here.

1st Place: Flossie Benton Rogers

Guardian of the  Deep

This story will be featured at Time for Love on Saturday, January 11.

Guardian of the Deep Flossie Benton Rogers

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2nd Place: Pippa Jay



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3rd Place: Jennifer Simpkins


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Honorable Mention goes to Amanda Ward and Lindsay Downs.

And THANKS go out to all readers who voted.

Please continue to show your support for these talented romance authors by reading and sharing their stories. Your reviews and encouragement keep us going, so please take a moment to show your appreciation to authors whose stories you’ve enjoyed.

25 Words or Less – December 2013

This is the first appearance of a fun new feature I’ll be running here at Time for Love. On the first Saturday of each month, check in for a quick look at what’s available in the romance genre.

Authors will be posting cover art and a short blurb about one of their romance novels. And I do mean short. 25 words or less!

Take a look at what’s out there waiting to be read:


Summertime by Christina Cole

A summer of hopes, a summer of dreams. Could it also be a summer of forgiveness?




Escaping West Morgan Wyatt

Escaping West by Morgan K. Wyatt

Ministers’ daughters don’t normally flee from the law dressed as men straight into the arms of a dangerous gambler, but Kitty does.


Mayhem MS Spencer

Mai Tais and Mayhem by M. S. Spencer

So many romances, so many crooks. Can Tessa Diamond, turtle defender and amateur sleuth, keep them straight and still find true love?


Misadventures Manda WardThe Misadventures of Pann Haggerty by Amanda Ward

Widow Pann Haggerty, an Englishwoman, decides to leave her life in England behind for a trip around America in an RV in search of love.


Dont Cross the Countess Lindsay Downs

Don’t Cross the Countess by Lindsay Downs

Lady Sophia Gardner believes her husband was murdered to keep a treacherous act against the Crown a secret but she can’t prove it until….


Guardian of the Deep Flossie Benton Rogers

Guardian of the Deep by Flossie Benton Rogers

A red hot Succubus in trouble. A captivated undersea Guardian. He spirits her away for a remote lovers’ retreat. Fire + water = STEAMY.


SevenLittleWords_MED (2)Seven Little Words by Margaret Sutherland

Two writers, two dogs, two ailing parents in need of care. Attraction is overwhelming but Cathy and David face heartbreaking conflict. How can love triumph?


The Hostage Carolyn DeRidderThe Hostage by Carolyn Wren

Imprisoned, chained, without hope. Rescued by a brave unknown woman. How can North track down a covert operative so secretive, she’s known only as Omega.


Vampire Karen McCullough

 A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Karen McCullough

On Christmas Eve, Carol Prescott’s car slides into a ditch in a deserted area The only available shelter is already occupied…by a vampire.


Keir Keir by Pippa Jay

Tortured and outcast, can Keir find redemption, and save the woman he loves from the darkness that seeks to possess her?


BecausethisisForever Lena Hart Because this is Forever by Lena Hart

A call for help, a secret baby, and a compromise leads to a chance at rediscovery and becoming a family.


Gift from Stars

 A  Gift from the Stars by Linda Banche

A stone from the stars brings health and happiness to a wounded Regency hero and his lady.


13 Nights

 Thirteen Nights by  Sabrina Garie

An Amazon warrior falls for the half-human warrior she is paired with for the Thirteen Nights Breeding Rite. But Amazons are forbidden to marry.


My Fair Groom

My  Fair Groom by Linda Rae Sande

If people only see what they expect to see … then why doesn’t she?


Grave Desire by Tara Rose

 Grave Desire by Tara Rose

Can true love be found and nurtured in WWII? Heather finds herself prisoner in Germany’s evil concentration camp, can she live much less find love?


ForgivingPatience_MED Forgiving Patience by Jennifer Simpkins

In hopes of reminding Anna of what she ran away from eleven years ago Jake makes her an offer she can’t refuse—three dates.


ErasingErasing Shadows by K. D. Rose

What if to save the ones you love, you had to unlock the key to a different reality?


Cold SweatCold Sweat by J. S. Marlo

Can they conquer the mountains and the past in time to save Hope?


SheltonMerry Christmas, Shelton by  Dianne Hartsock

Can Shelton and Nevil overcome the obstacles of a blizzard, a baby, and one hot redhead and find their way to a merry Christmas?


Please check out these great romances, and if you find one you like, please let the author know. Better yet, let everyone know with a review on your blog, your Facebook page, at Goodreads, or at the site where your purchased your copy.

Be watching, too, for contests and blog hops featuring your favorite authors. You might get lucky and win a copy of a title you’re eager to read.

Until next month…HAPPY READING!