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Debut Author: Mia Epsilon

From Christina: Today I’d like to welcome Mia Epsilon to Time for Love. She’s recently released Wedding Belle Blues, a delicious romance novel.  She’s here today to talk a bit about writing and becoming a published author.



Writing is as essential to me as breathing. Sometimes it’s easy and I don’t have to think about it. Sometimes it’s like having broncritis and every word, like every breath, is a struggle. Being a published writer is a long held dream come true. And it’s a long road.

nanowrimo_calendar___2013_by_spooneh21-d6ooljkFor Wedding Belle Blues, several friends on Face Book gently (read that as ‘you do this or we’re coming after you’) encouraged me to participate in NaNo. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a group to encourage writers to complete at least 50,000 words in a month, usually in November. I’ve tried NaNo before and failed miserably with dozens of excuses and reasons, some of them valid. 2013 NaNo was different though: I receive a newsletter from Breathless Press and they offered a 5 page critique of your NaNo efforts. So the FB friends and I made each other post every day how many words we wrote, what the plot was, etc I decided to send in my first five pages for the critique and less than a day later received it back. The BP editor made some wonderfully valid points, gave encouraging comments, and asked to see the entire manuscript once finished. So I had another reason to keep writing the novel.

Anna and Robin whole heartedly jumped on the wild thirty day NaNo ride with me. They told me their story, what they said, what they did, and all I had to do was type it in the computer. That’s all. Every night after ‘real’ work I dutifully typed. When November ended, I had 58,000 words to send to the BP editor. But… It was Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and winter so the finished manuscript simply sat patiently on my hard drive. My husband asked me one day why I waited. With sweat, prayers and shaking fingers, I sent Anna and Robin off to hopefully charm the BP editor named Jen Bradlee. This was late February, a Saturday. Jen sent back an email five days later saying she loved it and BP wanted to publish it. Yes, that was me the world heard jumping up and down screaming. Hubby and I reviewed the contract word by word, I signed four days later, and began the edit rounds.

Let me say Editors have a hard job. They get blamed for being tough and not knowing ‘good’ stuff. But a good editor makes the writer better. I got blessed with an extremely good editor. Not only does she help me improve my writing, she pushes me to go beyond what I think I can do and how I can write. Take, for example, how she highlighted the word ‘she’ in a paragraph (I used it eight times), told me to change some of them, and not just to Anna’s name. I struggled with that paragraph for three hours. When I returned it, with only two ‘she’ in it, all the sentences were stronger. The paragraph was stronger and so was the chapter. She made me better by challenging me. Sure, I muttered some probably not nice things but I’m so glad she pushes me. She believes in me. That’s the best thing any writer can ask for in an Editor.

Then came Cover Art requests and more edits and line edits and promo and a whirlwind of helping find readers for Anna and Robin’s story who will love them almost as much as I do. Oh, and Jen’s request for more submissions and setting up Good Reads, Amazon, Face Book, Twitter, all the things to get Wedding Belle Blues out there to be read. Breathless Press is amazing to work for; everyone is eager to help in the ‘business end’ of writing.

Because writing IS a business; we writers sometimes forget it’s a job like any other, easy at times, hard at others and always, always subjective. Not everyone will like your work; not everyone has to like it. Writing is as essential to me as breathing.

 * * * *

Mia Epsilon lives with her enduring soul mate hubby in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA. She’s an avid reader of almost anything but particularly romance, a never-miss-an-episode viewer of Doctor Who and Sherlock, and happily suffers a coffee and chocolate addiction. She can most often be found at her computer, spinning new stories, or in a quiet padded nook with her e reader. Look for more stories in the ‘Weddings by C & C’ line including ‘That Night’ featuring more of Anna & Robin and ‘Take a Chance on Me’, Christine and Charlie’s story.


Debut Author: Devika Fernando

From Christina: Today I’d like to welcome a debut author whose first novel was recently released. Devika shares her story of the step-by-step process of becoming a self-published author.


My dear friend Christina has asked me to share a little about my journey towards becoming a self-published author. I thought long and hard about how to condense everything that comes to mind into something that makes sense, and here’s what I have come up with.


In the broader sense, I have always been a writer. Almost as soon as I could spell and knew enough words, I put them together to write stories. Actually, my parents swear that when I was a tiny toddler, I didn’t use my crayons to draw stick figures and flowers and clouds, but to scribble illegible writing in rather neat lines. During my schooldays, I used to write poems and the occasional short story. When others said they wanted to become doctors and teachers and lawyers, I firmly insisted that I’d become a writer. To publish my own book one day has featured in my dreams for years and years.

Without boring you with more ramblings, what I mean to convey by this is: I believe that people who are writers just know. It’s inside their blood. Whether they have wanted to write since childhood or it just hits them in their late 40s, ultimately they have this strong bond with the writing side of their personality. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you and you don’t really WANT to write, it’s not your vocation. If it does and you do, then don’t repress it, because writing can be a wonderful way to deal with your life and can have a cathartic effect, whether as a hobby or a profession.


Some years ago, it became clearer and clearer to me that more than a ‘real’ job, I would be successful with freelance work. While struggling first in Sri Lanka and then in Germany and then again in Sri Lanka to get a grip on life, I searched the internet far and wide for work-from-home opportunities and learned three things:

  • There are a million offers;
  • Almost all of them are fake, especially if they claim record income;
  • It’s best to really do your own thing.

Luck came my way when I found an agency that was looking for web content writers. I made a pittance with them for a year or so, but I stuck to it because I loved writing, because I learnt a wealth of useful things that I had never even known about – especially SEO and writing techniques – and because I now had a plan: to start my own writing business. In 2011, I quit my writing job for them and started on my own. It took some time and lots of effort, but ever since, writing articles for German customers has been my job. While I’m very glad about how well things go, I realized one thing: Writing like this – for others, without being given credit, without much flexibility and with internet marketing directing your steps – had somehow robbed me of my creativity. Gone were time and muse for writing poems or thinking up stories.

The lesson I learnt is that writing and writing are not the same. What I mean is that professional writing like articles for online shops are a totally different matter. I still love what I do and I’ll never give up on it, but I also need an outlet for the creative writer in me. Which is why I finally told myself to make my dream come true and focus on becoming an author of fiction.


I didn’t just plunge ahead and risk drowning or being carried away by the currents. Instead, I read and read and read some more. I absorbed lots of writing tips, I followed other writers and I familiarized myself with all the important guidelines on story writing. All those ideas I had and the drive to just write-write-write got channeled productively by the new knowledge and experiences. Which is why I always reply with two things when somebody asks me for advice on how to become a successful writer:

  • Read as much as you can and write as much as you can.
  • Never stop learning and improving.

When I decided to self-publish, it seemed kind of terrifying. Again, there were lessons to be learnt and shadows to be jumped over.

I believe it’s important that on the one hand, you don’t lose your joy for writing and your own style as well as the focus on what you like – and that on the other hand, you are not afraid to ask for advice, to learn and to follow certain rules.


I don’t want to forget mentioning one part of my journey to becoming an author: crawling out of my shell. I am what you could call a loner, although I make friends easily and am blessed with some truly wonderful friends and a very supportive husband. Especially when it comes to my writing, I prefer to keep it to myself, to do things my way, and to view every single word as a piece of me. However, I soon realized that this wouldn’t lead me anywhere.

I need criticism. I need to share my work and discuss it with like-minded people. I need to interact with other authors and with potential readers. And once I had gotten over cringing when receiving feedback, sleepless nights wondering what others might think and the urge to let the perfectionist in me have the last say and change everything a hundred times, it actually proved to be fun. I’ve met some amazing people along the way.

So here’s what I think: Even if you don’t choose to self-publish, networking is going to play an important role. Get yourself and your work out there. So what if you earn a negative review or the only ones who buy your book at first are your friends and family? If it’s good enough for you and you have faith in yourself and you are open to what the writing world has to offer, carry on.

I went through phases full of doubt and sometimes I’m too busy to properly focus on my creative writing, but I have never and will never give up. Ultimately, that is probably the one thing I like most about myself, that I’m a fighter. In my eyes, almost every writer is. We fight against prejudice and unfair payments and social norms, and above all we fight with our own insecurities holding us back. But it’s a fight that can be won.

DevikaAbout Devika Fernando

 Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Besides being a romance novel author, she works as a German web content writer and as a translator. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

Her first romance novel, When I See Your Face, is now available at Amazon.com. For more information, visit Devika at her website:


SHOWCASE: Author Tea Cooper

I first became acquainted with Australian author Tea Cooper through one of the various Facebook groups to which I belong. I enjoyed Tea’s posts and quickly realized I’d found a fellow history-lover. I invited her to share a few thoughts about love and romance in February, and her Valentine’s post was thoroughly enjoyed by Time for Love’s readers.


Valentine’s Day Musings by Tea Cooper

I wanted to know more about Tea, her appreciation for the past, and about her books.

Today, I’m delighted to have Tea as my “Showcase” author for March.


From Tea:

Why do I write romance?

 I can’t help it … an over active imagination and the Greek Gods smiling at me!

I received a great review the other day for one of my books – any author’s life blood! The best part of the review though wasn’t the stars or the delightful comments about my plot and my story but the sentence that read:

You have such wonderful ideas for your books, wherever do you get them?”

 It got me thinking. I know I’m a visual learner – too many years trying to work out how children learn – then I realized I’m also a “visual writer.” I backtracked to see if it is true and where I got my inspiration.

 Inspiration means literally, to breathe in and be filled with spirit of the Gods, the muses of ancient Greece. I like to think the gods smile on me.



It was certainly true of my little Greek novel A WINNING STREAK. It harks back to a trip to Pompeii more years ago than I am prepared to admit!






Then I took a closer look at my other books:


IMG_0520TREE CHANGE is about a woman who has to choose between her career (she’s a sculptor) and the love of her life, who is an environmentalist. The actual starting point for Cassia and Jake’s story was a sculpture I saw.



As I’ve become more aware of the way I write, (I’d like to say the way I capture my muse but it sounds dreadfully pretentious!) it became easier to spot the starting point of a story.

My family saga FROM THE OCEAN TO THE OUTBACK, which will be published at the end of the year, began with this necklace.

Republis of You



JAZZ BABY, the first of my 1920s stories to be published in October, began with a trip to a wine bar in Sydney right in the middle of the back streets where the Razor Gangs ruled between the two world wars.

photo 3



The well-known meme I came across while I was sitting in a café in the local town called The Queen of Tarts combined to set PASSIONFRUIT & POETRY in motion.

Passionfruit & Poetry small


(PS That’s my daughter!)


And MATILDA’S FREEDOM and LILY’S LEAP (releasing July 2014) belong to Wollombi, the village where I live, my historical muse, the local museum and the surrounding countryside … there’s a very old winding road built in 1826 that runs through Wollombi and nastiest bend is called Ramsey’s Leap  – rumor has it that a convict leapt over the side in an attempt to escape. As I stood gazing over the culvert I couldn’t help wondering what if ….



What a strange collection of snippets! If I haven’t bored you to death my Pinterest Boards tell more of the stories behind my stories. Drop by if you have some time to kill.

Tea’s Pinterest Boards

Where does your inspiration come from?

Do the ancient Gods smile on you?

* * * * * * * *

Many thanks to Tea for sharing her thoughts and inspirations! You can find here at her website: Tea Cooper Author. You can also follow her on Twitter @TeaCooper1

About Tea: Téa Cooper lives in a stone cottage on one hundred acres of bushland, in the Hunter Valley. When she isn’t writing, Téa can be found haunting the local museum or chatting to the locals, who provide her with a never-ending source of inspiration. The settings for her stories range from the glittering beachside city of Sydney to small country towns and the harsh outback. 


There is a Giveaway currently running on Goodreads for a print copy of TREE CHANGE and THE PROTEA BOYS. You can find details on Tea’s page at Goodreads.

Tea Cooper Author – Goodreads

SHOWCASE: Author Vicki Batman

Vicki Batman describes herself as “a sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction”. That’s enough to get my attention. I love sassy, I love sexy, and most of all, I love funny.

I first got to know Vicki when she shared a few thoughts here at Time for Love during the recent holiday season. Along with thoughts, this talented, sassy woman also shared her craftiness.

Winter Holiday Crafts by Vicki Batman

Readers loved it; so did I. I wanted to know more about  Vicki, so I made a little visit to her blog. I’ll admit, the blog title had definitely piqued my curiosity.

Vicki Batman: Handbags, Books…Whatever

Handbags? Yes, handbags. She’s got quite a collection of them. But, I’ll let her tell you about those.

From Vicki:

 I adore handbags and change mine out often. Going to church, out for the evening, need a tote to carry more stuff. Whatever.

I came to love handbags over a very simple thing–shoes. Lots of women will elaborate on how much they LOVE shoes. I, however, have small feet–size 7 narrow. That particular size is very hard to come by; so I don’t have lots of shoe candy. I turned my eye to handbags. Much to Handsome’s dismay, I have seven shelves. In my own defense, I have one I kept from high school.

I love to go to flea markets and antique malls. There, I have found bags for as little as $3.00. I’d much rather have four bags for ten dollars than one forty dollar bag! I’ve bought handbags from eBay and ETSY, too, particularly, needlepoint handbags. Everyone thinks they are old lady purses. Sometimes, I add a nifty handle and totally update the look. Right now, I am ready to turn in a handbag needlepoint canvas I did. Yeah! And every time I sell something I’ve written, I treat myself to a bag.

My so-called collection includes Enid Collins jeweled bags, Margaret Smith of Maine totes, Mary Frances fancy ones, Hobo International (fine leather), Kim Smith clutches. I have vintage decoupage, various straw ones for summer, Kate Spade (yummy!), and some made from record album covers. 

* * * * * * * *

Record covers? Those, I’d like to see! What a clever idea. Readers, take note, every Monday, Vicki features handbags on her blog. Here’s the link again, in case you missed it:

Vicki Batman: Handbags, Books…Whatever

Along with being a sassy, crafty lady, Vicki is, above all, a talented and prolific writer. She kindly prepared a list of her book titles and other published works for me — sorry, Vicki, I didn’t mean to make you work so hard! Whew! This lady is one accomplished writer.

– To be determined 2014, The Wild Rose Press, Temporarily Employed

– To Spring 2014, WordForest, “Sister Act” for the Sisterhood Anthology

– To February 2014, Indie, “Bug Stuff…and Other Stories”

– To December 2013, MuseItUp Publishing, “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off”

– To March 2013, MuseItUp Publishing, “San Diego or Bust”

– To February 2013, Indie, “Little Birdie Who…and Other Stories”

– To May 2012 LongandShortReviews.com, “Check Her Out”

– To August 2012 MuseItUp Publishing, “Store Wars”

– To February 2012 Ink Lion Books, “Man Theory and Other Stories”

– To December 2012 MuseItUp Publishing, “Twinkle Lights”

– To October 2011 MuseItUp Publishing, “Taking Flight,” Lavender Dreams anthology

– To June 2011 LongandShortReviews.com, “Tommy and the Teacher”

– To April 2011 Noble Romance Publishing, “I Believe”

– To February 2011 True Love, “The Sweetest Revenge”

– To February 2011 True Love, “Valentine’s Day Misery”

– To December 2010 True Love, “Candy Cane Twist”

– To December 2010 True Confessions, “Breaking Free”

– To October 2010 True Confessions, “Wedding Day Disaster”

– To September 2010 True Love, “Drive My Car”

– To September 2010 True Love, “I’ll Never Leave You”

– To September 2010 True Love, “When You Least Expect It”

– To August 2010 True Love, “Running to Love”

– To August 2010 True Love, “A Cake for All Seasons”

– To April 2010 LongandShortReviews.com, “Ouch”

– To January 2010 True Love, “Beyond Ordinary”

– To December 2009 True Romance, “Christmas Ties”

– To September 2009 True Romance, “Charlie’s Friend”

Vicki recently made another appearance here at Time for Love, this time sharing a few thoughts on Valentine’s Day:

Worst Valentine’s — Evah! by Vicki Batman

This became the inspiration for one of those “True Love” stories listed above. Be sure to read it and see how she got the last laugh on a fellow who obviously wasn’t good enough for her in the first place.

Many thanks to Vicki for sharing her thoughts, her crafts, and her stories with Time for Love readers. She’s a great lady, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her.

About Vicki:

Vicki BatmanLike some of her characters, award-winning author, Vicki Batman has worked a wide variety of jobs including lifeguard, ride attendant at an amusement park; a hardware store, department store, book store, antique store clerk; administrative assistant in an international real estate firm; and a general “do anything gal” at a financial services firm–the list is endless.

 Writing for several years, she has completed three manuscripts, written essays, and sold many short stories to TRUE LOVE, TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE CONFESSIONS, NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING, LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, MUSEITUP PUBLISHING, and THE WILD ROSE PRESS.

She is a member of RWA and several writing groups and chapters. In 2004, she joined DARA and has served in many capacities, including 2009 President. DARA awarded her the Robin Teer Memorial Service Award in 2010.

 Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking “What if??”


Debut Author: Robin Leigh Morgan

From Christina: Robin stopped by my author page one day and left a comment. I replied, we chatted back and forth, and she told me about her debut YA novel, I Kissed a Ghost. I loved the title, and I invited Robin to share a few thoughts about her experiences as an author.  Enjoy!


By Robin Leigh Morgan

Some of us who have chosen to write fiction come from a variety of places. And by “a variety of places,” I’m not referring to a physical location; I’m referring to our writing experiences.

There are some of us who have enjoyed writing since we were children, and each year, by writing something in school, it improved. For some of us, it continued until we graduated college and began working. Some of us entered the work force taking jobs, which required us to write, whether it was procedures, handbooks/manuals, or news stories. But all of these are non-fiction, and each one has a set of “rules” that need to be followed to write something well enough to be acceptable.

As for myself, while my regular job did not require me to write, for eleven years I wrote articles [commentaries/viewpoints] of what was happening in my community and my feelings about it. When I started to write these items, my writing skills were not honed. I didn’t have my ideas organized in a tight manner, although my writing had been informative. By the time I’d written my last item, I’d become quite adept at it.

When I started to write fiction, I somehow drifted to writing a contemporary romance story with a paranormal element running through the storyline, but after almost 9 years I still hadn’t completed it. That is, until someone suggested I should write for a much younger audience, which is what I did, culminating in my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled I Kissed a Ghost.

Anyway, making the transition from non-fiction to fiction, I’ve had to learn a new set of rules on how to write. Most of these involved dialogue, showing not telling, where before I just told. I now had to learn about the use of tags. I had to learn not to be overly descriptive of something, but allow my reader to create the image for themselves in their minds.

In the beginning I found it hard to break my old writing habits. Now I’m finding myself with these habits essentially gone. The biggest issue I still have and am trying to get a good handle on, is POV [Point of View]. Regardless of what’s happening or being said it has to be in one character’s perspective, and you can’t flip-flop between two characters within a scene. There needs to be a transition from one character to another.

All these things have helped me mold myself into the author I am today. I’ve also learned there are additional rules within a genre, depending on the sub-genre you’ve decided to write in. These rules apply to the dialogue spoken, which needs to be true to the time period you’re writing in, as well as how your characters are dressed, and their titles, if any, as is the case with the Regencies sub-genre of romance novels.

So as you can see, writing is not merely a string of words you put together. There are rules that need to be followed if you’re to be well received by your readers.

* * * *
Robin Leigh Morgan is a retired NYC civil servant who has been married for 19 years with no children. After finishing her YA novel, she’s now turned her writing talents to contemporary romance. You can find her at her blog, My Writing Journey,  on  Facebook , Twitter, and at Goodreads. She loves hearing from readers and sharing snippets of her writing. Her debut novel, I Kissed a Ghost, is available at Amazon.

A Refresher in Perseverance by Ashley Nemer

From Christina: It’s always a treat when Ashley Nemer comes by Time for Love to share a few thoughts or comments. Today she’s dropping in to tell us a bit about the lessons she’s learned in 2013. Thanks, Ashley, and best wishes to you in the coming year! 

Note: The pictures included are Ashley at age 14. Great pics! 

A Refresher in Perseverance

By Ashley Nemer

I cannot believe it’s the end of the year already!! This 2013 year has flown by so fast. There have been so many changes in my life — as I’m sure you have had in your life — that it’s hard to imagine we have gone through fifty two weeks of a year.

Those that are close to me know that on February 1st I was in a car accident that left me injured with a concussion and a few neck issues. Don’t worry, I’m okay now, but for a solid six weeks of the year I can’t remember anything! And the physical therapy until July wasn’t fun either. So now you might ask yourself, okay where are you going with this? I’m going here…


Ashley 1

This is a lesson that I learned as a child through my Taekwondo upbringing. However, this year was a real refresher course in this. It has been an up and down struggle most of the year with everything from my author world to my real life. It was through the support of friends and family that I was able to pull myself out of the trenches and achieve so much.

The year started rough after the car accident happened and left me zombified for a few weeks.  I then had to make a decision. A very hard and serious decision about my craft. After a lot of reflection I pulled my two published stories (at that time) from the publisher and purchased my rights back to them and set out on a new journey.


It has been one hell of an adventure. One that for a long time I was scared was the wrong decision. At first it was very discouraging. My online sales were minimal and I was very unhappy with that. It isn’t about the sales (or rather money) that I make – but about reaching an audience. I knew that something was missing and I had no idea what it was.

In August I went to the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas and that is where everything began to change. I learned some tricks that I had completely gotten wrong and I started to adjust my way of thinking. So now, nine months after my first self–published novel,  I think I finally have a game plan that will work.

I am glad that I didn’t give up.  I am glad that I stopped and listened to those who had gone down this path before me. I am glad I persevered. Now, at this point – I am watching my stories bring happiness to others. Bring joy and fun into lives they never would have touched. Are they perfect? No, no one will ever be perfect. I have a unique writing style and people either love it or hate it. I respect that – but as of right now I feel safe in saying, “Hello, my name is Ashley Nemer and I’m an Author!”

It isn’t just about being published or writing a story. It’s about acceptance too. For me. Acceptance into a community of writers, an acceptance into a community of readers, and an acceptance of one’s self.

Ashley 3

As a teenager in Taekwondo, every few months we would belt test and be awarded a new ‘rank.’ This showed an outward progress of an inner strength. In this industry there isn’t any outward reward for moving forward. For sharpening your craft. For achieving 500 sales or a 1000. No, this is a self-awareness that one achieves on their own.

And I am finally there and this couldn’t have happened without the wonderful friends I have met along the way to help reteach me the most important lesson I learned through the 1990’s.

Author Bio: Ashley Nemer writes under the pen name, Niki Becker. She is married and lives in Houston with her husband, Tony, and two dogs, Toto and Doogie.  She loves to read and has been hooked on the romance genre ever since her best friend gave her “Ashes to Ashes” by Tami Hoag to read when they were younger.  She finds strength through her family, especially her parents. They have always supported her and pushed her to strive for greatness.  Her newest book, “Special Assignment”, is now available at Amazon. 

Winter Holiday Crafts by Vicki Batman

From Christina: I was delighted by this “crafty” little post from author Vicki Batman. I’m not too crafty, you see. But every year my daughters and I come up with some idea or another that we’re sure we can do. I can’t wait to share this with them. 🙂

Winter Holiday – Crafts

By Vicki Batman

 Every year, I go on a girlfriend weekend to a small town for their Christmas Candlelight Home Tour. We talk, laugh, shop, and eat— the fun stuff! Usually, we usually stop at a huge market on the way. One year, I found the most clever snow dome. Here’s a picture: 121213_christinacole_snowman_globe I grew up a crafty girl. I said, “I can do this!”  and began collecting the perfect jars, sanding the lids and painting them white. Bought several colors of glitter. Set aside or purchased little holiday them items. Then began the assembling. Here’s what I did: 121213_christina_cole_snowglobe_collection   As you can see, I had a small nativity set I found at a craft store. Inside the jar, I put snowflakes, two kinds of glitter—white and sparkly white—sequins and vintage glass ornaments. It’s up to you what to include! The lid is superglued to the jar. Leaving the lid bare wood, I hotglued the figures on top, adding the bare branch tree. The reindeer globe is made with an old cupcake pick, vintage glass ornament, and a bottle brush tree. Inside are more glass ornaments, pearly beads, snowflakes, and sequins. There are endless varieties you can make. And best of all—no water leaking, although with glass jars, they are breakable. I hope you will give these unique globes a try!


 06_2012_VBauthor_photo (1)Like some of her characters, award-winning author, Vicki Batman has worked a wide variety of jobs including lifeguard, ride attendant at an amusement park; a hardware store, department store, book store, antique store clerk; administrative assistant in an international real estate firm; and a general “do anything gal” at a financial services firm–the list is endless.

Writing for several years, she has completed three manuscripts, written essays, and sold many short stories to TRUE LOVE, TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE CONFESSIONS, NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING, LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, MUSEITUP PUBLISHING, and THE WILD ROSE PRESS. She is a member of RWA and several writing groups and chapters. In 2004, she joined DARA and has served in many capacities, including 2009 President. DARA awarded her the Robin Teer Memorial Service Award in 2010.

Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking “What if??”

You can find Vicki at her blog, Handbags, Books…Whatever. Her latest holiday release is a romantic comedy, “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off”.