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Going to Glacier National Park by E. M. Bannock

From Christina: When E. M. Bannock posted a few of her vacation pictures on Facebook, I quickly messaged her to ask if she would share her trip — and her gorgeous photographs — with readers at Time for Love. I’m so glad she did! Enjoy her scenic look at Glacier National Park.


Going to Glacier National Park

by E. M. Bannock


We made the five hour drive from Clark, WY to Malta, MT without event. Malta is a small, rural town named in the late 1800’s when a railroad official spun a globe and put his finger down landing on the tiny island country of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. I had always wanted to go there since my father was born in the ‘real’ Malta and my mother was the first generation out. I’m proud to say that I am a purebred, 100% Maltese.

The fascination for the little town faded when as we realized the train was going to be late, eight hours late to be exact. Our daytime train ride ended up being a very uncomfortable, long, nighttime trip. We had planned on enjoying the view from the upper deck of the Amtrak train as it skirted along the south end of Glacier to our final destination of Whitefish, Montana. As it turned out, it was a nighttime trip and we saw nothing.

Glacier 1This was not a good way to start our mini-vacation. The next day we spent getting caught up on our sleep. Thankfully we had a hotel suite so the kids camped out in the living room while Papa and I made ourselves comfortable in the bedroom. My grandson and his school pal, who came along, took it all in stride and by early afternoon the kids were ready to hit the pool. The next day was GlacierNational Park day. I was really excited. This was to be my highlight of the trip.

Glacier 2After we got a good night sleep and had breakfast we hit the road in our rented car. As we approached the Park we marveled at the wonders of the surrounding area. Kalispell, Whitefish, and the cities around the Park are not exactly what you would call ‘big city’ but it seemed like they had every convenience as well as natural beauty. It was definitely geared for the outdoorsman; white water rafting, fishing, hiking, and other activities.

As we came close to the Park it got noticeably more forested and less populated. My anticipation grew. To my delight I was old enough to qualify for a senior pass. I hate the idea of being old but I am finding that it has its perks; discounted train tickets, discounted meals, and discounted park entrance fees.

Bible RockThis was going to be a quick trip through Glacier National Park. It was only June and the Driving to the Sun road was only opened part way. It had been a very snowy winter and a cool spring. There was still too much snow on the road for the plows to get through. The road was closed 14 miles in but in those few miles I saw many wondrous things. We started with a quick stop at the Park store where our nine year old grandson and his school buddy, who accompanied us on the trip, quickly picked out a stuffed animal to be their trip souvenir. I picked out several postcards and a refrigerator magnet to add to my collection of places I’ve been. Then we were off.

Glacier 5Although I was clearly enjoying the magnificent views of snow covered mountains, lush forested land and raging glacial steams, Papa and the boys were not impressed. The complaining started almost immediately. Papa could not see the attraction. We live close to Yellowstone and I think they were expecting some of the same attractions. There were no geysers at every turn, no hot springs, no buffalo or elk crossing the road and holding up traffic. But there was a whole lot of unspoiled, natural beauty; Flowing, brilliant blue glacier steams that had carved out a path through the mountains making its way to crystal clear glacier lakes.

We stopped briefly at Lake McDonald. Its picturesque beauty was breathtaking. Its stillness reflected the mountains on the other side like a mirror. I found it spiritual and inspiring. It’s tranquility soothing my tensions and stress as I pondered the view from its bank. Although the boys found it boring and mundane I shamed them into stopping anywhere a road pull-out appeared. They sat quietly, but uncomfortably, as I jumped out to enjoy and snap pictures. At one stop, I followed a narrow trail that wound down to a viewing point of rushing waters and mountainous canyons. There were two men on the landing taking pictures of each other obviously enjoying the view as much as I was. “What a perfect place for a picture,” I thought wishing one of my guys were there to take a picture of me.

“Would you like us to take a picture of you?” one of the men asked me.

“Oh, yes!” I answered enthusiastically.

Glacier 3

Although I have many beautiful pictures of the Park, there is only one picture with me in it. It is a lovely reminder of my Glacier National Park trip.


E. M. Bannock is the author of Totally Devoted, a spicy romance.

She was born in 1950 and grew up in the Detroit suburbs. She is the second child of seven and eldest daughter of a working class family. Her mother was always at home to care for her children, which instilled Marie with deep rooted family ties. Her parents had traditional, old style, European ideals which clashed with her modern, adventurous personality. The daughters were not encouraged to attend college. Instead they were expected to get married, have children, and be homemakers.Her love for writing began during high school where she excelled in writing short stories and poetry. During her junior and senior year, she wrote and sold short stories that other students turned in for homework assignments.Born with the wanderlust, she found herself in Los Angeles. LA was an exciting place to be in the early 70’s and E.M. experienced all that it had to offer. It was here she met her husband. The two have a son.

E.M. and her family have lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her husband, son, grandson and a menagerie of cats, dogs, chickens, and horses.

She has made her living as an office manager, computer programmer/analysts, and project manager. Throughout it all, she never lost her love for writing. Although never published, she has a small collection of the short stories and poems that have been written throughout the years.

Until 1999, she had never attempted to write a novel. Then, while descending into Detroit on a business trip, she had the inspiration for her first novel, Totally Devoted.

After completing the book she submitted it to several literary houses only to be rejected. Life became complicated and her book sat in the memory of her computer for 15 years. At her husband’s urging, she “brushed” it off, added more dimension to the characters, and more spice to the romance. The result is a gripping, erotic tale of modern romance and rugged western adventure that exposes the struggles of life with raw human emotion, lust, love, devotion, and danger.

She believes that writers should write what they know about and draws inspiration for her characters and locations from her varied and unique life. She writes about the places she has lived or visited because she feels correct geographical details are an important ingredient in a story to give the reader the full experience.

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Winter Morning in Clark

Featured Title: Guardian of the Deep

Last month, readers voted Guardian of the Deep by  Flossie Benton Rogers as the title they’d most like to see featured at Time for Love.  I wanted to know more about the story, as well, so I asked Flossie to share a few thoughts.

She’ll also be giving away a copy of Guardian of the Deep. You’ll find the giveaway link below. For a chance to win, please leave a comment. You can also “tweet” about the giveaway and “like” Flossie’s official author page at Facebook for additional entries. 

“Guardian of the Deep”

Flossie Benton Rogers

 The Wytchfae world is one of parallel dimensions close to our own. The idea of intersecting realms appeals to me and is a singular opportunity to explore a variety of mythological systems and magical beings. For me as a writer, it’s a bit like the delicious dessert called trifle. Every bite is a new mouthwatering experience. This spoonful is caramel cream, while the next might be warm coconut or a succulent, pecan brownie. It’s always a surprise.  I hope readers experience it that way too.

Travel occurs among the various Wytchfae dimensions, as well as excursions to the human world. Through powerful individuals called time singers, fae beings also have the capability of time travel. In Guardian of the Deep – Wytchfae 2, hero and heroine Samael and Layla go back in time to a 1950 Montana ranch, much as we would take a vacation. This rustic location throws them out of joint, since he is a dark Guardian of an undersea realm, and she is a Succubus on the lam.

While I am hard at work on any given novel of the Wytchfae series, the main characters of a future novel in the series tend to knock on my door and introduce themselves. They are not obnoxious about it, just passionate that they wish to share their story at a later date. From that point on the characters simmer in the back of my mind until it is their time to play. I knew early on that Samael had merman characteristics befitting an undersea Guardian and that, since meeting him, Layla deplored the Succubus rules she had to live by. They are already mad about each other when the story begins, giving us a chance to explore whether their feelings for each other are strong enough to withstand all the complications that arise on that Montana ranch.

Guardian of the Deep Flossie Benton Rogers

Excerpt from Guardian of the Deep

The draperies swept open to reveal all the glory of the deep ocean. The phosphorescence of seafae lit the waters.

And there Samael glided, every bit as splendorous as the home of his heart.

Layla moved to stand at the window and watch mesmerized as Samael cavorted among his denizens. As happened when sea water covered him, his skin from chest downward shimmered in vibrant jeweled tones—cerulean, purple, and green. The flecks in his eyes sparkled, and his long dark hair with its burnished streaks streamed out behind him. The flashes of sienna undulated with each movement of his head, dazzling her with their richness. The lower half of his body had shifted to its undersea form, that of tail and fins, a brilliant hued merman in all his glory.

The sight took her breath away.

She pressed her palms against the window, and stared.

As if sensing her presence, Samael turned her way, and his lips creased into a smile.

He swam toward her.

Layla pressed her breasts to the cool partition.

With one raised brow and a wicked grin, Samael bent and put his mouth just where her nipple touched the glass pane. She swore she could feel the heat of his tongue, despite the barrier between them.

Her body’s reaction to the erotic moment shot through her like lightning, igniting her with desire for her dark Guardian.



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Winter Morning in Clark by E M Bannock

From Christina: Almost everywhere in the US, temperatures have been dropping to record lows. Today, author E M Bannock shares winter in Wyoming, writing about a typical morning for her.  


A Winter Morning by E M Bannock

A Winter Morning by E M Bannock


By E M Bannock


I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was already five, time to get up. On my way to the bathroom I glanced over at the weather station, minus five, with the wind chill, minus twelve. I shivered and got dressed in a hurry. I walked into the living room and sat down next to the wood stove. I ran my hands over it to see if there was any warmth left. I detected only a slight heating but it was enough. Looking inside I could see a few hot coals in the back. I used the poker to bring them up to the front and put a couple of pieces of small kindling on them. As soon as I closed the wood stove door I could see sparks flying around and the coals glowing red.

It was time to tend to the dogs that were already hovering around. “Who wants to go pee-pee outside?” I asked as all three raced to the front door. When I opened the door a whoosh of cold air and blowing snow hit me in the face. The dogs raced out barking as they romped in the snow. The kindling in the fireplace had flamed, and I put a few logs on top to build a roaring fire. By now the dogs were ready to come back in and have breakfast and morning treats.

I filled up the coffee pot and got it ready for the guys so when they woke up for work they just had to flip the switch. I’d make my tea after I showered. I headed downstairs to my special room and meditated.

When I came upstairs I suited up for the cold with my below zero hat, scarf, Carhartt pants and jacket, boots and two pair of gloves, one pair for warmth and a thinner pair to wear while I fed the horses. The dogs knew what was going on and they were anxious. I had to put a doggie coat on Jenna ‘cause she is short haired and gets very cold, but mostly because she is a baby. Suzie, a Black Lab, loves the cold. Shadow, Suzie’s daughter, preferred to snuggle downstairs in bed with her master, my son.

We walked outside and the cold hit me like a sobering splash of cold water. I breathed it in and felt it down in my lungs. I looked up. The moon was crescent but shining bright. I could see the Milky Way blazing across the sky. I saw a falling star and made a wish.

The snow crunched beneath my feet as I walked out toward the barn. I let out the whistle that told the horses I’m coming and it’s time to eat. I heard Doc whinny back. I opened the barn door and turned on the lights. The fluorescent’s flickered and glowed dimly. It was so cold that it took time for them to brighten. As I filled the horses feed bins I saw that their backs were frosty and so were their whiskers and eyelashes. I talked to them softly as I gave them their various morning feeds.

On my last horse chore, giving the horses their Horse Candy treats, I detoured to the chicken coop and opened up the gate so that they could free range. I saw the red glow of their heat lamps from the window. I called out to them, “Morning, girls.” A few answered back. I smiled.

On my way back to the barn I called out to the dogs and asked, “Who’s a good girl that needs a treat?” They both came running and sat in front of me. I made them shake and gave them each a Horse Candy and said, “Let’s go inside, girls.” Jenna took off running a hundred miles an hour. Suzie just meandered her old bones back with me trailing behind.

The snow was glistening like a field of diamonds as I made my way back to the house. I could see the moon reflected on the creek water as it rushed past its icy banks, its sound assaulting the still morning quietness. I looked around and lavished in the peace and tranquility of our homestead and said a quite prayer of thanks that I was lucky enough to live in this piece of heaven on earth.

E M Bannock has loved reading for as long as she can remember. For her, writing stories seemed like a natural progression. 

Here’s how she describes her experience as an author:

 I often thought about being an author but after graduation life got real serious and I had to get a paying job. Life happened and my dream was put on the back burner. In 1997, I had an inspiration to write my first book, “Totally Devoted.” I tried to get it published but was unsuccessful. A year or so ago certain life events happened that allowed me the opportunity to pick it up again. I began researching self-publishing. I revamped my book and can now proudly say I am a published romance author. The experience has been a wonderful ride so far, although self-promotion is proving to be a challenge. It has opened up a whole new world and I’ve made a lot of friends. I have found that fellow romance authors are a friendly bunch willing to share.