SHOWCASE: Author Nikki Lynn Barrett

Everybody loves a little romance, and when Nikki Lynn Barrett shared her personal memories of falling in love during the autumn, her story touched me.

Fall Memories

I wanted to learn more about Nikki and her writing so I ventured over to Amazon to check out her author page and the books she’s written. I’m glad I did.

Nikki has written a number of great, modern-day romances, stories told with an interesting and unique voice.

I quickly grabbed Baby Stetson and was caught up at once in the story of a young woman who’d been left as a baby on the steps of a bed and breakfast. That story is part of the “Love and Music in Texas” series. The second of the series, The Melody in My Head, is going on my TBR list. It was released in November, and has received several 5-star reviews. Sounds like a great read to me!

Nikki has also written two Christmas stories, The Santa Wishing Well, and On the 12th Date of Christmas.

Nikki Lynn Barrett

Nikki now lives in Arizon with her husband and son. In addition to writing, she runs a book blog, and an online used book store. Her dreams of becoming a writer began when she was young. By the time she was in fifth grade, she’d already started writing stories in her school notebooks.

You can visit Nikki’s at Nikki Lynn Barrett –  Welcome to my World. You can also email her at She loves to hear from readers.


4 thoughts on “SHOWCASE: Author Nikki Lynn Barrett

  1. Well this was a lovely surprise! Thank you for your kind words and for checking out my stories. I was more than happy to share my favorite fall memory with you and readers on the blog 😀

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